MULDOON - Answered a Question by Webster (18 Nov 07 17:24)

The local currency is the Egyptian Pound but they will accept the British pound very happily but you must ensure you know what the current exchange rate is first before establishing which currency you wish to pay in or will be accepted or you will be ripped off..always ask is the price they are quoting is egyptian or british for ATMS yes there are plenty but it really depends where you are going or what areas you are in for advice take the currency with you before you go because believe me the currency you will receive locally is very old and dirty and is the major cause for upset tummies,with that in mind take with you one of the little pumps of hand bacteriacidal cleanser when out and about as your hand will be shaken as if you are royalty as they attempt to get you into their shops..cleanliness is not top of the agenda..hope I havent put you off by going over the top with my answe.

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morris - Answered a Question by Webster (19 Nov 07 08:54)

The rate is roughly 10 Egyptian pounds to one English pound so easy to remember...they are readily available at the Post Office....we have been to Egypt four times and we just take about £30 worth and pay for anything that cost more than that in English or Euros or they will accept dollars...or if you are buying from a store you can pay by card... I would agree keep cleaning your hands to be sure of no upset tummies but we've never had any tummy upsets. The ship is quite hot on cleansing and meet you as you board with the alcohol cleanser!

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Morton - Answered a Question by Webster (21 Nov 07 08:22)

We took about £40 in Egyptian pounds, all in the smallest notes possible and kept it in a separate plastic bag.Try not to get any change. It's impossible to emphasise how filthy the money is.This was my 'bazaar' money for the small items I bargained for and also for the many many tips handed out at all locations ie 1E£ for the lavatory attendant who hands out loo roll at the museum, the chap who shows you a 'very special' wall inscription at Luxor[it turns out to be most insignificant but he wants paying-again 1E£ will do].This is called baksheesh[hope I've spelt it correctly] and you'll find it everywhere. It costs us very little and is vital to the locals. We also took a selection of sterling and US currency which we used for a kitty. We all chipped in to a kitty for main tips[we being all the folks on our organized tour] which our tour leader sorted out and used credit cards elsewhere. We did not have need of an ATM so I can't help you there.Have a great time and my only other advice is be overly scrupulous about hygiene.I took antisceptic hand wash towelettes and used them ALL the time.We were fine, no tummy problems, but many were ill and I put it down to my nagging on the hygiene front.

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Harris - Answered a Question by Webster (30 Nov 07 21:57)

ATM are easily available in resorts. Sterling and Euros are enthusiastically accepted. Egyptian pounds are fine for using in the street and bazaars but they do expect you to have Euros anyway. ATM will ,of course , give you Egyptian pounds. Credit cards are easy to use in hotels and travel bureau.

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