Pearson - Answered a Question by shaw (22 Aug 07 11:42)

Ocean Village 2 operates a good kids club from 9am to 10 or 11pm. Not quite sure if it caters for very young toddlers though.

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bates - Answered a Question by shaw (25 Aug 07 21:49)

Day time creche facilities are available on the Royal caribbean ships which i would highly reccomend. They have special baby events too such as baby swim sessions, fun times etc. and tons forthe grandparents and parents to do as wel.

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BEARDSLEY - Answered a Question by shaw (27 Aug 07 00:09)

We have sailed with P & O, PRINCESS AND CUNARD. Cunard was this year, our baby was 2yrs 3 months, last year was Princess and the previous year was P & O. PRINCESS WAS A NIGHTMARE. We were not allowed to leave him as he was to young. We could use the facilities but we had to stay with him and ther was no night nursery and no in cabin listening so he had to come to dinner with us which was fine if he was asleep but generally he was not. Even if he slept through dinner he always woke up at a show because they are so loud.We had a solid two weeks of no breaks, I know you should spend time with your babies on hols but some time off would be good! P & O had a great night nursery, we had late sitting dinner to give us time to get him off to sleep we would then drop him off and would be given a bleeper. If he woke you would need to pick up, he did not wake at all so we always had dinner in peace and saw the shows. Cannot really remember about the day facilites. Cunard was our best experience, but he was slightly older this year, not sure what age you can leave them from in the day it may be one. Give them a call to check, they are very helpful. They had a great night nursery and looked after him without us in the day.In fact he would run to the door to get in as quick as poss. He did allsorts, painting, story time etc. They even change nappies unlike some ships.Childrens tea was ok but not as goods a P&O WHEN YOU HAD LOADS OF FOOD LAYED ON FOR YOU TO HELP YOURSELF, INCLUDING JELLY, ICE CREAM, ROAST DINNERS, cakes. Cunard, you ordered food but the menu was a bit limited. However I do think jars were available, worth checking.You can also obviously get food from the adult section and mashit a bit. We generally take certain items with us, like peanut butter, marmite bread sticks. Also if you child is on milk formula and you make it up you should use bottled water. WE HAD TO TAKE BOTTLED WATER WITH US AS THERE IS ONLY CERTAIN ONES YOU CAN USE FOR BABIES AND YOU CANNOT GARANTEE WHICH THEY WILL HAVE ON BOARD, ASK YOU HEALTH VISITOR. We also took ready made milk, a lot easier.This year was easier as he was on cows milk and apple juices etc We always get a round trip then you do not have to worry about your luggage allowance and take what ever you need for the baby. The first year I even took my steam sterilizer. WALkie talkies are great for keeping in touch with each other. We would sale with Cunard and P&O again. If you like to dress up these ships are great. I also have a teenager who loved all the boats but like Cunard the best. He even did the dance lessons with me and had afternoon tea with all the other teenagers. The planets/space show is fab. By the way me and my hasband are 40, our teenager is just 17 and our son is now 2yrs 6 months. We did Cunard in April, transatantic and round the Carribean and NY. p & o and Princess were the Med. Before we had the baby we did Ocean Village, no dressing up and more relaxed. It was our 1st intro to cruising and we did n ot know if we would like it, as you can see we did, not sure about the baby facilities on Ocean but if you like to do things like white water rafting it great! Any questions ring the cruise company direct generally they are very helpful.Good Luck .

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Boston - Answered a Question by shaw (29 Aug 07 00:18)

Cunard are as far as I am aware to date the only cruise line to take babies from 1 year old into the childrens nursery. The facilities are great and you have properly qualified british nannies to take care of your little one. Always best to contact the companies direct to make sure.

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